• William's Quest is a licensed adult day program that provides services for individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities. 

  • We provide individual services based on client's needs and desires in a caring, fun, and professional atmosphere, making us nonpareil.

  • We strive to provide exceptional direct service to individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • We have quality, hardworking staff members that provide high energy and a positive attitude. 


William's Quest

 A Journey for Change


Richard started the company in 2008 in memory of his son William.  If you met Richard, you would know that he was extremely stubborn; however, he had the biggest heart and he genuinely cared about everyone.  He wanted to make a difference and William's Quest will forever be his legacy. 

Our Philosophy

IN Loving MEMORY OF Richard eXNER (1949 - 2018)


Mission Statement

Our mission at Williams Quest is to provide community and site based training for individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities.  We believe that through community involvement, functional activities, and innovative learning experiences, these individuals will become more independent.  Each day is a journey for change in the present and moving into the future.

Our goal at William's Quest is to provide community based training and functional activities for adult with developmental disabilities.  Our design is based on maintaining and further developing each client's functional skills.

Our philosophy at William's Quest is to assist each individual at meeting his/her personal goals and to consistently access, monitor, and develop new skills (functional levels, communication, and physical capabilities/goals).  There will be on-going opportunities for each client to participate and interact in age appropriate activities which occur in natural environments.  Program will also be coed to maximize integration in the community.  The program emphasis is to improve client independence; utilization of community resources; educate the community regarding the abilities or our client population; provide individual services based on client's needs and desires.